Title IX - Sexual Discrimination

‚ÄčJust like every athlete and every student, every allegation of misconduct is unique. This is never as true or as important as it is when you face disciplinary charges and your future is at stake.

If you have been notified that you are being investigated for potential charges related to sexual misconduct or a Title IX violation, the time to get an attorney on board to advise you is now. Very few criminal defense attorneys are experienced in sexual misconduct cases in educational settings. Not only are the rules, standards and procedures very different from those we see in criminal court, they are also slightly different from campus to campus. The timelines are short. The potential consequences can end your educational career. The risk of saying or doing something that could expose you to criminal charges is very real.

Whether you are preparing to move off to a college campus or graduate program, or whether your goal is entering the workforce or a professional sports league, you need an attorney to ensure your rights are protected at every level of the discipline process, to see that your case is handled fairly and to talk to you about your options. Our clients receive the information they need to make wise and informed choices.

Hire a firm whose attorneys are known for their integrity and creative advocacy skills with local school districts, many university student conduct offices, and school and professional sports team legal counsel across the United States. Mr. Lindsay has spent years building reputations for being knowledgeable in the law and aggressive for our clients. Using those skills along with our ability to establish relationships with school and team officials and legal counsel is a crucial combination when it comes to successful communications with those offices to talk about resolving your case and protecting your future.

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